Pool Cleaner for Small Pebble Surface pool


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Nov 21, 2016
Melbourne, FL
Hey Y'all,

I read pool school on pool cleaners, however I am looking for some user suggestions. I have a relatively small pool with a pebble surface, and a dedicated suction port on the side wall. At our last house we had a Zodiac G-3 and we liked it (we named it "spike" because of the rubber spikes on the disc). However once we had Pebble Sheen installed, spike went through discs and feet in a matter of months (must be the soft rubber on the coarse surface). A friend of mine has had a Pentair Great White and loves it, but he has a quartz surface.



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Jul 21, 2013
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My opinion is a suction cleaner like the G-3 is the least effective pool cleaner. I would not put money into one.

Look at robot pool cleaners like the Maytronics Dolphin.


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Jan 17, 2012
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Your pool is a fine size for a robot. Something like the E20/S200/Dolphin Discovery. All that needs is a power outlet, no pumps required. Cleans far, far better than pressure or suction side cleaners.

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