Pool Chemistry Newbie


New member
Apr 29, 2021
Mt. Pleasant, SC
Good morning from Mt. Pleasant, SC. Just joined the TFP community with the hope that we will fully master how to maintain our 13, 916 gallon salt-water generator pool and spa (i.e. - hot tub) we added to our home last year towards the end of swimming season here. The builder gave us three months of free pool maintenance, but after watching their employee do a mediocre job of taking care of the pool, we decided we would not continue their $245 month charge for pool maintenance once the free period was over. Did some shopping around and found no service that we felt was reasonable for work performed/amount charged. So, started taking samples to Leslie's Pools here in my local area and while able to ensure our pool was in good shape over the fall/winter, we felt like we could take charge of pool water testing ourselves. So we recently purchased a Taylor K-2006C kit and have been using it for about a week now. We find that we actually enjoy the chemistry side of it and keeping everything in balance. Still have much to learn, but right now we are not too far off the target levels for our type of pool based on the salt water generation pool article in TFP, so we'll take that as a good start.