Pool Chemistry is fine but water is still milky white


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Jun 23, 2020
New Jersey

Thanks for the help in advance. I have an intex 15 X 48 above ground pool. Been to the pool store (s) and they told me my numbers are good and cant find anything wrong. I do have test strips but not the ones that produce numbers or levels. Any advice would be appreciated.


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Jun 1, 2018
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Welcome to tfp we do things a little differently than the pool store & cannot really give advice based on their testing. You likely have algae & need to do a SLAM Process with liquid chlorine.
But you need a good test kit to so correctly & take control of your pool care. SeeTest Kits Compared
The tf-100 from testkits.net is the best value.
Also please readABCs of Pool Water Chemistry
Here’s a bit about our methods here
When you get a test kit in you can post your results here & we can help you along.
Until then u can add 5ppm of liquid chlorine (bleach) per day to prevent it from getting worse. Use PoolMath to calculate amounts.
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Jun 23, 2020
New Jersey
Thanks for both your information. Right now I am only using Liquid Shock. Half of a 1 gallon bottle, once a day. I have test strips but will look into getting the kit you have mentioned. From the test strip I have it seems the numbers are the following:
Free Chlorine 3PPM
Total Bromine 20ppm
PH 7.5
Total Alkalinity 120PPM
Total Hardness 400 PPm

Its hard to give exact numbers trying to match the colors of the strip but this may give a better picture. I had to use a metal out solution because of the high iron in my water and it worked but recently it became cloudy white and today turned yellowish.

Appreciate your quick response and I will come back with better numbers when the kit arrives.



Jun 17, 2020
Oklahoma City
Can't emphasis enough that strips are not awesome. They go bad quickly, and don't give you a very good picture what's going on.

Don't bother with your Bromine levels. That's usually what you would use to sanitize spas. Also, read the guides like the one Mdragger88 posted. TFP has some GREAT people that have years of experience. Us pool people just have to have the patience to follow through.