Pool Chemistry After Heavy Rains


May 24, 2020
Melbourne, FL
I am a new, first-time pool owner and have been maintaining my pool for about 2 months. IChlor30 SWCG system, plus new exposed aggregate pool (plaster), so the pool is still eating plenty of acid to keep PH in range. We have heavy rain in Central FL on Memorial Day, so I tested my water first thing this morning (Taylor 2006C). As expected, alkalinity and stabilizer was down. Easy adjustments. But, I was surprised to find the PH jumped from 7.6 to 8.0 during the rainy day. I was reading that rain might lower the PH along with the alkalinity. I suppose the SWCG running all day with overcast and raining skies added to my FC (5 to 6) and helped boost the PH. Anything else going on here? Wouldn’t rain normally lower PH or at least be PH neutral?