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May 25, 2020
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Hello everyone,
I'm now just a bit over a month into my new pool and testing chemicals and such and have learned a ton from reading TFP and asking questions on this forum. I have a terrible/short memory, so I made myself a little guide as I went along to quickly reference against as it pertains to my particular pool based on the info on this site. I also want to teach my wife about all of this so that she can confidently take care of the pool as well when I'm away. I was hoping to get some feedback on this guide before I print and laminate it for us to refer to easily. Please let me know if anything you see here is out of whack or needs to be adjusted.

This is all based on information I synthesized by reading this site, forums, getting answers to my questions, and the PoolMath app that I use (and love and depend on) daily.


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Jul 3, 2013
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The only thing I found was ppm = Parts per million... :)

Everything else looks just fine for your pool...
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