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Oct 13, 2014
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I wanted to thank everyone who contributes to this forum for the outstanding information. I followed a number of threads including one person's journey to get their CYA from off-scale to 50PPM. Just following the thread was highly educational. Knowing what to focus on first and what to worry about once the CYA and FC were under control. After about 2 - 3 hours of forum research I purchased the Taylor K-2006 test kit. The local stores don't have a FAS kit and they don't stock the reagent (R-00013) required to test for CYA. But they all stock the Nature 2 Fusion system and enough of the duo clear cartridges to supply the entire state of Louisiana.

The woman I purchase the house from said that her pool installer tried to talk her out of the fusion system but the local pool supply store insisted she had to have it. Go figure.

While waiting on my test kit I stopped the trichlor tabs and removed the "mineral" pouch from the fusion tank (per instructions on a thread on this site). When I finally received my test kit my CYA was well above the 100 PPM but since it was off scale I didn't know just how high. I immediately raised my FC in accordance with the CYA / FC chart and maintained it at proper levels throughout the replenishing process. I drained and refilled 18" per day for 3 days straight and the CYA is now at 65. SI is 0, PH is easy to maintain with muriatic acid and as expected, tends to climb slowly over time. I have house hold bleach, muriatic acid and calcium chloride on hand and everything is well within the parameters recommended on this site.

The water is crystal clear, absolutely no chlorine smell and no burning eyes. I test FC everyday and PH prior to entering the pool or every 3 days if not planning to swim. I'm getting a feel for the amount of chlorine I need daily but know that it will change base on dropping temps and change in usage.

I don't know if I've got everything right and will probably make a few mistakes but without this site I'd be lost.



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Jul 3, 2014
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Welcome. But that is not a traditional first post.

It is usually "My pool is green and I keep adding tabs but my strips say I have no chlorine".

I did exactly like most probably did. Had an issue with cloudiness, found the forum, quit buying phosphate remover.

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