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OK! Started out with a Green Mess I got my PH down and thought I was shocking it. I guess I am not using the pool calculator correctly, I added 2 182oz of bleach & 4 pucks along with 1pkt of Super Shock... My CYA was below 20.

I added another bottle of bleach this morning before I left for work & turned the pump from recirculate to filter. My daughter is at home sweeping and backwashing every time I call her. I don't know if I have enought bleach in there to shock. I've been reading TONS of subjects and going in circles with all the information, yet learning A LOT!

I am going to perform my overnight FC test tonight since it's the weekend and I'll have time to concentrate on the pool. I've got to wait to order a good testing kit until next pay period(strict budget) but have the HTH 6way from Walmart.

Do I have to test my PH & start all over when I get home?
How do I really know how much bleach to add? I see people adding TONS.

I hope I'm on the right track, it's not swamp green anymore...I guess that's a good thing.


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You probably weren't far from shocking. The pool calculator calls for 3 jugs of 182oz 6% for 15ppm in 17,000 gallons. The pucks are useless for shocking since the dissolve slowly.

The key is to get to shock level, and to stay there. With algae, you'll use up a significant part of your chlorine in an hour. I usually check and adjust the chlorine hourly for about the first 4 or 5 hours, then drop back to every 4 hours for a couple of cycles, then go to 8 hour intervals until the water clears. You'll notice your demand dropping so you'll know when to increase the interval for testing.
Thank you! I guess I don't have my confidence level up and am second questioning myself. I put the pucks in to keep some level of chlorine in while I am at work...and at the same time hoping that it would bring my CYA up a little more. :)

I will continue to do this.

Thanks again!!!


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Looks like you are going in the right direction! Just remember your PH will not test properly until you are finished shocking and back under 10PPM of chlorine.

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