Pool cabana finally complete...


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Apr 26, 2011
Morgantown, WV
When we were searching for ideas for pool cabanas, the information we found on the internet seemed to be very limited. Now that ours is complete, I thought I would share pictures and information so it might serve as a resource to others.

The in-ground drains were placed in 2010 while we were building our house. I had water run underground, a 100 amp sub-panel set, and 4 inch conduit run underground from my house to the cabana area for networking, audio, and video. So before we even started building the cabana in May of 2011, all of this was already in place. Thinking ahead really paid off. I had some framers do the rough framing, siding, and roofing to save me time and then I took over. Throughout the summer and fall I got the inside walls framed, tile floor done, electrical and plumbing rough-in, drywall and painting done, cabinets set, and countertops in. The bar countertop was set and the bar shutter door was installed. I was also able to complete the exterior stone work before winter set in. This spring I was determined to complete everything before my daughters birthday pool party and just barely made it last week. I finished the plumbing and electrical trim-out, bathroom wall tiling, crown molding, final painting, and all the little miscellaneous things that really drag out on these projects.

The overall dimensions are 18' x 22'. It contains a kitchenette w/fridge, sitting area, bathroom (with changing area), and storage/equipment room. The storage room contains all of the pool toys, rafts, etc., and the electric sub-panel, hot water tank, pump, filter, heater, SWG, vac hose, telescoping pole, extra bags of salt and anything else pool related. And of course there's a big screen TV for all the games (yes, it's viewable from the kitchen, bar, and just about anywhere in the pool!).

Here are some pics taken during the build and a few of the completed project.

If anyone has any questions, please ask!



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May 19, 2011
Orange County, CA
Wow, that looks incredible! We have an unattached pool house, but nothing as nice as that. It does have a hefty electrical subpanel and a CAT5e, cable and phone run to it, so transfer of audio and video from the main house is mainly done using ethernet. It's right next to our outdoor kitchen, so no need for a separate kitchen.

I'd love to add a bathroom with shower and sink with hot and cold water, but the issue is drainage. Our house is about 4-5 feet above the grade of the pool house, so running a sewer-line from the pool house back to the main house would be an issue. We'd likely have to either run a separate line to the sewer in the street (about 150 feet!), or get one of those sump pumps used for basement bathrooms. Looks like yours is on the same grade, so that probably made running the sewer that much easier. BTW, does your bathroom have a shower?


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Jan 6, 2010
San Dimas, CA (LA County)
Geez, that's nicer than my house!

I think you'll find the refrigerator will end up being too small. People are going to be hanging out there for long hours, drinking a lot of beer.


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Aug 3, 2009
SW Wisconsin
uh yeah..that's not a cabana that's a summer home....cabana's have palm frond roofs and tiki lights hanging on the edge of the bar!!!


May 3, 2010
You have very nice taste my friend. Great planning. You nailed it. Enjoy it....I know you will.


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Jul 21, 2011
Eastern Ohio
Morgantown.....that's only about an hour drive. I'll be right there! I'm going to hate to see that place after WVU students find it!


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Apr 26, 2011
Morgantown, WV
Thanks for the kind comments. We debated on adding a shower and then an outdoor shower just for rinsing, but ultimately decided against it. The kids would never take time to shower off before getting in :roll: , so we dropped that idea. The fridge is a little small, but it's mainly just for when we use the space. It keeps enough water, sodas, and juice boxes cold for us and a few neighbors. When we have big parties we just roll the large coolers out and fill them up. No college kids here! My oldest won't be college aged for another 11 years, so there shouldn't be any WVU students around for quite a while! Still working on tiki lights and other night effects... I'll be adding a large patio area to the side of the cabana with an outdoor fireplace. Probably not until next year though. The wife has other "higher priority" projects lined up for me.

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