Pool build - do I need a sump?


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Nov 19, 2021
Pompton Plains NJ
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Hi, @jimmythegreek, I would love to speak to you about a pool sump. The Hayward pump we have attached to a line in the dry well does not appear to be extracting water. EWe are in Pompton Plains in Morris County, NJ and have a high water table. This is a new install and although our installer says not to worry, we feel like we may not have the proper pump for this application. This is a new install although we don't know much about pools, we have questions that our installer lacks answers for. Can you help me?
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Jul 21, 2013
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Post some pics of your dry well and pump so we can see your situation.

What makes you think you have a problem?

Do you have water in the dry well that the pump is not clearing?
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