Pool Bonding with paver path


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Mar 4, 2020
North Florida
Hello. I am installing a semi-inground pool, 15 foot round, with a paver path going out to it. The pool is extruded aluminum, aquasport 52.

We have it dug in approx 26 inches.

We forgot to bond the pool. My thought is I will get the skimmer bonding equipment and then put in 4 bonding lugs equidistant around the pool by drilling into the extruded aluminum and attaching where I've drilled.

However, we put in a paver pathway up to the pool, starting approximately 1 foot from pool edge. I know I can push the 8-gauge copper wire under the pathway at 18 inches out and the pool would stay grounded, but I am thinking that each paver itself would also need to be ground.

Rather than pull up the pavers 3 feet out and put a grounding grid over it, I am thinking of simply installing a wood / composite deck over the pavers starting 40 inches from the pool wall and covering up to the pool, then adding a stair on that deck.

Would this be adequate or would I still need to properly ground the pavers or take them up?

See pictures. The pic of the pool side wall is to show what I would be drilling into to attach copper lugs.



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Jul 21, 2013
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You don't need to bond each paver. Read...



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Aug 10, 2017
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Just bond in 4 spots around pool and tuck the wire in tight where it passes between pool and walkway. And bond anything metal to that ring within 6ft or less