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May 5, 2012
I've talked with several pool builders and I've narrowed it down to two. The bids are about ~$2K apart. Pool is Roman Style 15' x 30' inground, tanning ledge with 2 bubblers, 4' to 6' deep. Both ends have semi-circle area with one end being for the tanning ledge and the other with a bench to sit in. Builds include raised back wall 12" high x ~7' on left and right and 18" or 24" high in middle with curved section. Both contain waterfall area.

What am I missing or should I ask about?

PB #1
360SF Gunite, 86LF
3/8" Steel, 8" on center, 4.5" bar beam
white paster with silicone shield
flagstone coping
tile upgraded
tile trim on steps and benches
14 ft of 12" and 10ft of 18" raised beam with 24" powerfall
Pentair VS3050 intellipro pump
Pentair 420 Cartridge filter
Polaris 280 cleaner with booster pump
500W pool light (changing to LED on updated quote)
Dual 24HR time clock (works pool and pool cleaner)
Pentair Skimmer (1)
Main Drains (2)
Pool Returns (5)
Fill line to pool
Rainbow inline auto chlorinator
overflow to area
Neverlube 2.5" x 2" Jandy valves
2" check valve between filter and chlorinator
Start up chemicals and supplies (I will implement BBB as soon as possible :D)

Base $26420

410sf Classic Texture patio surface with 4" concrete sub base and 3/8" steel reinforcement (we have an existing 30' x ~11' patio to be covered to make pool decking)

4 Pallets Grass and Access Repair

StoneScapes (plaster texture) I've seen mixed comments on this but wife likes color on that white plaster
Separate Pump for Powerfalls and bubblers

1 Pool School, start up and 2 weeks with Pool Nanny
200ft 4" area drains to stree
Electrical Hookups

Total: $35,660

PB #2
390sf Gunite, 85LF
Cartridge Filter 325sf (brand not mentioned)
Tristar 1.0hp pump
2 umbrella sleeves
Dual Time Clock
LED Light
Polaris 280 or Tigershark
Inline 320 chrlorinator
Cleaning Kit
Tan Bench with 2 bubblers
28' back wall, 12" to 24" raised wall, double wide, with 3' scuppers. Raised wall faced with ledger stone Center section is 9' wide and curved
6" x 6" tile
12" x 24" Travertine coping 1.5"
400sf Spray Deck existing patio and pool deck
8" on center steel
sch 40 pvc 1.5" and 2"
6 inlets
2 skimmers
dual draing-hydrostatic valve
overflow line
4" drains with grates to street

Total $32500

PB #2 doesn't mention brands on everything but when I asked about valves he stated Jandy style Hayword makes them but I can specify Jandy specific. Guess this is like asking for Kleenex and getting a normal tissue. PB #2 is recommended on this site and answers very promptly. His quote doesn't include fixing the grass which I'm fine with as my yard guy can do it cheaper. Even with PB #1 I will probably pull that off as 4 pallets is not too much grass. Neither is doing landscaping or fixing my sprinkler system. I am seeing if they cap the cut lines so I can still use what didn't get cut.

Is a 2nd pump really need for the powerfall on the back wall and bubblers? Travertine or Flagstone the wife is fine with either. Just wanted to get your input as to what I might be forgetting to ask.

Both state no permits necessary just need HOA approval. I'm in Cinco Ranch for those familiar with the area and Ft. Bend County.


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May 7, 2007
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Welcome to TFP!

There isn't usually any need for a second pump in addition to the IntelliFlo unless you are planning a relatively wide waterfall.

The first builder doesn't mention the pipe size. I expect it is the same as the second, though you never know.

I like the equipment choices of the first builder a little better. Given the price difference, pool size difference, and the equipment difference it is hard to make a really direct comparison.

The most important criteria is customer feedback. Do some checking about which builder has better referrals/reputation.

Matt in Houston

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Feb 24, 2012
I think the second PB is the company that built my pool here in Atascocita. Are you talking to Chris?

If so, I do recommend them. The filter would be a Hayward C3025. Travertine is awesome and I doubt you will find a better deal on it. It also stays cooler than flagstone and doesnt flake like sandstones can.

We love our pool, I just finished doing the Borax tonight.

They will build you a super nice pool if it is them. Good luck!


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May 5, 2012
I don't think I can wrong with either builder. The builders are Custom Outdoors and Reflection Pools & Spas. I have seen others recommend Don on here but haven't seen anything about Custom Outdoors. I do know 2 people who had pools built by Custom Outdoors and they were both happy.

Going to get clarification on a few items from Custom Outdoors like Umbrella sleeves, Pipe size and some other items tomorrow.