Pool base question


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Aug 6, 2016
Bradner Ohio
My soil is a natural sand I dug it down to my 52" wall height and put my 6" sand cove all the way around also putting gorilla pad down my question is do I need to add more sand to the base as I see everyone adds 2-3" of sand am I gonna have a problem with my liner not fitting correctly by not not adding the sand and keeping it exactly 52"? Using a unibead liner, I measured the liner and from top of wall to cove Seam it's 45"(my cove is 46" to top from top rail) do I need more sand or will it stretch that much


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May 19, 2010
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Sorry you have not gotten a response. I have no experience with liners. Maybe someone will notice my bump and be able to help.


Apr 11, 2017
Slidell Louisiana
the unibead liner should be 45 1/2 inches from seam at cove to bead as per swimline. They just supplied this to me because of the issues I am having with a new 27 round pool I installed. There unibead liner is so tight it pulls my wall down. I added sand to raise floor along with gorilla pad and also increased the size of my cove. Filling now in direct sun because even with the extra sand it is still tight. Bu adding your sand you may help stretch your liner. Can't hurt.Just extra work.
usually you add 2-3" of base that raises the floor . that being said, liners are designed to stretch , but make sure you fill on a warm sunny day the warmer the better , that's why some people have problems with the walls buckling , trying to fill when its too cold out and the liner refuses to stretch