Pool bar with bathroom


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Feb 7, 2019
Currently building a pool and we are interested in making a mini-pool house that is just a bar with a couple seats, a sink and fridge, wiring for a TV, and a small bathroom with toilet and sink. Something like this. Any idea what price range something like this would run? Trying to get a ballpark figure before I talk to the PB. Thanks!



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Nov 19, 2018
Tuscola, TX
There are so many variables.

For starters you would need a sub panel for electric for fridge and tv, cable and electric run for tv (conduit), water and sewer hookups for sink(s) and toilet. Then you have the actual cost of building the pool house. If I were to completely guess I'd say ~$50k give or take.


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Oct 20, 2018
Rich is right. For me, the sewer hookup was a big questionmark. I got lucky, and the city let me tie the sewer into the house. But for that, I'd have had to dig a 7-10' trench all the way around the house! That saved me thousands. I'd hoped that my poolhouse would cost about $20k, but I was prepared for it to be more like $30-50k, and it looks like it'll be on the high end. I've made adjustments, though, that have added to the cost for sure. If you really kept it small and didn't deviate from the plan, it would be easier to stay in bounds. Let me add, though, that every time I look outside, I'm SO GLAD we went ahead and started the poolhouse at the same time as the pool which the backyard is already torn up. Access to a toilet from the pool was otherwise going to be a real issue.


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Jul 26, 2015
Lansdale, PA
We had a pool house built at the same time as our pool was installed. Pool house is 20 x 10 with bathroom and kitchen. It is fully enclosed with no outside seating. Cost of pool house including foundation was $28K. Hook up to sewer water and electric was another $3K. We also required an ejector pump as the pool house is at lower elevation than sewer hookup in our main house. I hope that helps.

It is nothing fancy, but the bathroom is great. Keeps wet feet out of our house. If I can make a suggestion, make sure you include a lot of room for storage for pool supplies, towels, toys etc.
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