Pool and Phase 1 of our deck

Here is our new (to us - Used DB pool) and Deck. As you can see we did not have enough room on our deck for storage, :) so I had to add what my B-I-L calls a 'compound' in the south east corner by the AC unit! An 8 x 10 Resin storage shed and a 8 x 6 play/pool house. Next step is steps from the upper deck and vinyl railing on the upper deck. It is amazing how projects expand as you go! :roll:


Thanks to all

giulietta1: The deep end is 7 1/2 feet. It is a 28' Diameter Pool and just over 1/2 is deep end. I had to convince my DW of the deep end, but it was only up one day when she admitted it was the right thing to do. We had to go AGP because most of the back yard is an easment for a retention pond and I had to get a variance even for that!
I am putting steps from the higher deck to the lower deck and putting tan vinyl railing on the higher deck. Also need to stain it (that is a job for my DW!). After that my DW is talking about some kind of covering underneath the deck but not sure if she wants lattice or if I have to get more creative. Then she has ideas for all kinds of add-ons - Towel holder, bench w/ storage (for noodles and such),Volleyball set, etc. I also want put some lights around. Not sure what yet. In SW michigan our season is only about 3 months and it is light til about 9pm so I am not sure how much light I really need. The pool already has a light in it.

There is always something I can think of to add....