Pool Alarms For Sale


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Aug 20, 2017
Panama City Beach, FL
Four Techko Pool Alarms For Sale. $85 gets them shipped to your house in the lower 48. PayPal is fine. 717wSQHVdUL._AC_SL1500_.jpgs-l1600.jpg

Needing alarms to pass your pool inspection? These are the ones that will get you past your local inspection because they are the correct UL listing. You can use one unit for double windows or one uint for a single window or door. These were used to pass inspection and then taken down because we don't have kids in the house. This is the same unit you can order from Amazon or Walmart for $35 each!!! Comes from a non-smoking home.

The Techko S187 Safe Pool Alarm is designed to monitor a gate, door, window or other entryway to you pool area. A high output of 110 dB alarm siren sounds when the magnetic contact is broken without pressing the adult bypass button. Two sensors are included so that you can have your sliding glass door open, with your screen door shut, leaving the alarm active. This alarm is always in protective mode and will sound the instant a door, window or gate is opened and will continue until the bypass button is triggered. The S187D is ETL listed and approved under UL 2017 standards. S187D Safe Pool Alarm "Always On" Alarm Protection Adult Pass-Through Auto Reset Button High Output 110-120 dB, 6-Tone Alarm Water/Weather Resistant Housing Additional Magnetic Sensor for Screen Door Exit/Entry 9V Battery Operation (Not Included) Low Battery LED Indicator Additional Pass-Through Button For Delayed Entry from Either Side of Door or Fence Intended for Interior or Exterior Use ETL Approved Under UL 2017 Standards
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