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Nov 3, 2019
Tarn, France
Hi I just found this site after looking for reasons my Brilix XHPFD100E pool heater had stopped working with an EE03 error code.
(EE03 is listed as low water flow, wrong flow direction or flow switch failure) I followed the instructions given in one post of checking for blockages. Skimmers cleaned, pool pump basket emptied (almost empty anyway) and sand filer backwashed.) it all looked good and from what I could see from the sand filter pressure gauge and hear at the Heat Pump I had adequate pressure. So it must be the flow sensor, I took the unit apart and found the flow sensor vane to be broken off.8B2953EA-C03C-4BD3-B43C-E27AB13BF6E8.jpeg

now to get a new part, the unit is still in its two year guarantee, hopefully the suppliers piscine online in France will get me a new part. If not does anyone have a direct contact for Brilix, I am not sure where they are from, pool suppliers in the UK do not appear to have heard of them.

Apart from this problem the HP has worked well heating the pool in spring and autumn and cooling it in the summer, before fitting it the pool was getting over hot as our summers are very warm and we have an Abris. We had at time to leave to Abris open over night to let it cool, but that does potentially not comply with French pool safety rules.

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Jul 21, 2013
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Here is a UK site that advertises Brillix.