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Apr 12, 2017
Dallas/ GA
I have officially been beaten by the pool gods. We spent the last 8 days digging, grading, retaining walls, back fill, sand etc. to get ready to put up this pool. Everything was leveled, blocks for posts were laid and we were ready! The bottom track and wall went up..... as expected. Some minor bumps in the road but overall nothing to over the top. Spend till about 10 pm tamping sand to get ready for this morning. First thing this fine Easter morning we put in gorilla pad and foam coving. All seems as planned- then it's on to the liner. Bought a brand new liner for this pool last April ( a beautiful one too :) ) - goes in as expected and now it's just a matter of working the wrinkles out. Here's where we hit a brick wall- we notice the liner being stretched too far one way and too loose the other. dun dun dun pool was out of whack by 4 inches; we sucked thex liner to the wall and started filling pool - water level was ok till I walked around the back side of the pool and notice about a two foot section of wet sand behind the pool. At this point I could only assume the liner was pulled too tight and some where we may have ripped a seam ; at this point who knows. All I know is we are beat down- 10 solid days of trying to do this on our own and we've thrown in the towel - pool company will be called first thing in the morning. So for now; my sad pool sits with about 6 inches of water in it 😥 lesson learned
Apr 12, 2017
Dallas/ GA
We had to do some digging in our backyard ( about 2 1/2 feet to accommodate a level spot for the pool) then the retaining walls went around the backside - we back filled ( GA clay does pack extremely well) then added a layer of filtered soil and eventually sand on top of that- each layer was tampered well and we were convinced we had a nice area for the pool. We added the extra precaution with the gorilla pad as well. Just bummed 🙁 excavators,
Bobcats, dump trucks - it's all been here in the last week

Flying Tivo

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Jan 24, 2017
Monterrey, NL, Mexico
I will give you a great tip for wrinkles if you decide to replace the liner under warranty. On each post put an
additional cinder block above the final blocks. Start filling the pool, when you star to see the liner strech,
start taking off cinder blocks opposite to each other and skipping everyother. Wait to fill a little more and
repeat, until you take them all off.

I believe this is your first AGP, but rest assure it will be worth it.