Polycarbonate Pool Cover Slats system


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Oct 6, 2018
Las Vegas NV
Call me crazy but I am seriously considering an automatic pool/solar cover for my existing pool. We currently use our basic solar cover manual system all the time as we like our swimming water in the 90 degree range. Even though we are in the Vegas desert the nights will still "cool" the water down except for the couple of weeks where even the evenings stay hot. So after many years of experience with solar covers we are sold on the benefits it gives us.

So my question is does anybody have any experience with these polycarbonate slat systems? Sample picture attached. Apparently they are popular in Europe.

The "pro's" seem to be
  1. no tracks, no pulleys, no ropes/wires as the "slats" float on the water and are rigid enough to be "pushed" out onto the pool via the reel. So very good for existing pools and should be less "issues" to maintain.
  2. very good solar insulation properties, both utilizing sun to heat and more importantly to me is retain the heat
  3. should "fit" my pool setup very well and be MUCH more aesthetically pleasing than traditional solar cover (bubble wrap)
  4. wife can operate by herself
The "con's" seem to be: COST, like any of this automation stuff it can get expensive. I'm getting older so WTF

The unknowns (given the high cost, need to figure out these unknowns):
  1. Will the slats discolor, crack in the desert sun, too quickly? Supposedly slats have about 5 year warranty, made with UV protection, etc. Built specifically for pool use
  2. Is the operation as easy as the videos suggest? Do the slats get hung up on the water line tiles, etc?
Anybody have any first hand experience with this type of "slat" system?

pool cover sample pic.jpg


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Jan 17, 2012
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How does plastic hold up in the Vegas sun? These are not common covers here in the US.

Can the installer give you names/phone numbers of others they've installed for and go see them. Check out the age of their cover and ask the owners if they'd do it again or go with the more common vinyl covers?

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Mar 29, 2008
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They look interesting, never heard of this until seeing this post.

If you do go further, curious what they cost.

When the kids were little, we had a semi automatic safety cover (motorized bench, but had to pull out and put in a bunch of hold downs)

I now am using solar or winter covers, but they wear out fast and have to keep buying new ones.



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Oct 6, 2018
Las Vegas NV
I was able to get in contact with one of the manufactures of these automated slat covers and they said not recommended for intense Vegas sun. I think I'll stick with the good old fashion manual reel / solar cover approach. Our pool is not that big so not much of a hassle. I think I'll just build a bench on one end to better "hide" the reel/cover when not in use.
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