Poly Pipe or ABS? What to do?

I've got an old pool, I'm pretty sure was built early 60's. The skimmer is a sump type with a single black line going to my pump. The only joints are at the pump where it goes from the black pipe to the white PVC. As you can see I broke up my concrete because the line was sucking air. I thought I'd find an old copper line but was surprised to see this black pipe. I found the leak, it's an old repair under a small slab on the side of the house that probably happened when prepping for the the concrete (about 20 years ago). I figure since I've broken up the entire deck I might as well replace as much as the line as possible, but unfortunately I cannot go into the skimmer because the pipe is encased, so I plan to cut it just beyond the skimmer and find a way to connect PVC. Any suggestions?

IMG_2786.jpg IMG_2787.jpg


TFP Expert
Mar 2, 2011
That looks like Polypipe. They make barbed fittings for that type of pipe. You can get a barbed to slip fitting. The barbed fitting slips into the Polypipe and then you put clamps on the outside of the pipe over the barbs. Warming the Polypipe makes inserting the barbed fittings much easier. Make sure that the clamps are all stainless steel. Some clamps have stainless bands but regular steel screws.