Pollen Stains

Apr 25, 2018
This year has been terrible for Live Oak pollen. I’m normally able to skim it before it settles to the bottom but while on vacation for a few days some managed to accumulate on an underwater ledge and has stained it. The coating we have is Pebble Tec. I’ve tried scrubbing it with a wire brush with no luck. Anyone have any experience at removing organic stains like pollen? Thanks in advance.


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Mar 16, 2021
Austin, TX
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I have this too! I thought it was some copper stain or chlorine stain after I added SLAM level amount before going on a trip. I have an abundance of live oak trees and when I came back from vacation my pool was riddled with catkins. I’ve since cleaned it all out and the chemistry is fine but the stains are there.
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