Sep 23, 2020
Saint George, UT
I’ve been wandering through the robot threads but haven’t seen any information about my issue. I have the Polaris VRX iQ+. Currently the floor in the deep end is the cleanest since it prefers to only clean the 12’ deep end. I am sure the pool design is mostly to blame for the issue. My pool is 52x31 free form. There is not a transitional slope from deep to shallow. A 8ft vertical wall with a 90 degree upper edge is the transition from deep to shallow. The robot climbs the wall without any issue. Once it reaches the top of the wall it transitions from vertical attitude to a horizontal one and touches down onto the shallow floor. I think this is where the machine becomes confused. It will propell itself forward about a foot and then will reverse course and head back to the comforts of the deep end. Any advise is to how I might correct the problem? I think the computer is too smart and doesn’t care for the deep end’s 90 degrees edge transition. Any thoughts?


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May 3, 2014
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That is a very odd pool design -- one I doubt many equipment manufacturers planned form. It does sound odd that it would not go off into the shallow area once up there, but might only spend one pass and then fall back into the deep end.
Did you contact the manufacturer or the entity you purchased the robot from?