Polaris quick connect at wall keeps coming out


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Jun 6, 2010
So I have a Polaris 380 that works well enough but for whatever reason that I cant explain the Polaris quick connect that screws into the wall keeps coming out when I go to un-attach the Polaris. The whole thing comes out. The end of the Polaris hose quarter-turns into the quick fitting in the wall with ease, however getting it out is another story. I have to completely unscrew the quick connection in the wall. I have tried two different quick connections and both are giving me the same trouble.

I suppose I just need to apply more force when screwing in the quick connect but as it is I use a pipewrench and really cinch in down but still it all comes out of the wall when I try to disconnect. Either the quick connect is not in tightly enough and/or the quick connect on the end of the Polaris hose is malfunctioning. I twist and twist with all my might when the hose is in the quick connect but cant break the seal between the hose end and the wall quick connect before the wall piece starts to untwist.

Hasnt been a problem in 10 years, now I cant get this to cooperate at all. Did I wake up into a new world? Does the Polaris quick connect not work in this world?

Would Teflon tape help?