Polaris Quattro sport or a Robot?


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Feb 15, 2017
Ferndale, MI
I searched and found a few threads on the Quattro but wondering if more people have used it. I have a Polaris 380 now that I inherited with the house and have no idea how old it is but it takes a long time to clean the pool and every other year I end up taking it in and spending 100-200 to tune it up. So I have a booster pump and everything needed for a pressure side cleaner. we had been talking about getting a robot last year but just dealt with the 380 all season. this year we now have the option of the Quattro Sport. It's cheaper and works with what I have. Any reason to not go this route?


Apr 29, 2020
Houston, TX
After LOTS of research, I bought the M600 from Margaret with Marina and love it! If your ceiling is $1000, you can get the Active 30i through them with Free Shipping for just under that amount! You have to call Margaret to get their best pricing!
I paid the same price for my M600 through her, as one of the local Maytronics Elite Dealers was charging for the Active 30i! She has GREAT pricing!
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