Polaris pipe leak in wall

May 27, 2008
When I had my pool replastered, they apparently damaged the pipe that my polaris hooks up to.

I cannot get them back to repair it.
I tried the putty, but cannot really see where the crack is at.

I have it capped off and there is no leak, but with the cap off I loose water.

Any easy way to fix this. I have a 3 foot deck around the pool, so not easy access from the back side, although I can dig it out if need be.

Help, I miss my polaris.


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Apr 30, 2007
Well I had a similar type of problem about 18 months ago with my IG Vinyl pool with a 5' concrete deck. The long and the short of it was that it was cheaper to cap the thing and replace the polaris with a Blue Pearl robot.

I am glad I did that, as the Blue Pearl cleans much better than the polaris ever did plus I save a lot of money on electricity by not having to run the booster pump.