Polaris PB4-60Q Making horrible loud noise (Video Included)


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Jun 18, 2013
Northwest Florida
I have a Polaris PB4-60Q Booster pump for my Polaris 380 and I am wondering what is causing this loud noise and if it is an easy repair or would it just be best to buy a new PB4-60 (Not the Q version) for around $225 shipped or so instead of attempting a repair on this one?


If that video fails to play please try this link: http://youtu.be/D9wwmnnFeDM

Is this a common problem with Polaris Booster pumps? Is there another brand recommended that may be better?

Also, how hard would it be to install a new pump?



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Re: Polaris PB4-60Q Making horrible loud noise (Video Includ

Sounds like bearings. Most bearing failures reported here are a high pitched whine, but I know from working on cars that bearings can have a growl to them as well.

Bearings are going to be dependent on your comfort level with DIY work. It involves tearing into the motor and using a puller to get them off the shaft, then either using a press or carefully using a hammer and a piece of pipe to get the new ones on. I bumbled my way through my bearing swap in a couple hours. If I did it again, I could probably get it down to 60-90 min. While it's a bit of work, the bearings themselves are cheap. If you have a Grainger nearby, you can probably get a pair for less than $15. If you have to order online, it might be upwards of $25-$30 including shipping.
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