Polaris PB4-60 pump cuts out after a few seconds


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Jun 20, 2021
Woodlands, TX
Hi, have a Polaris PB4-60 booster pump for pool cleaner. History is
Worked fine
Then became louder when operating, like a bearing started to go
Then recently would shut off after a few seconds, after a loud grinding noise while operating
Troubleshooting symptoms:
1. Shaft rotated freely
2. Replaced start capacitor, though original one seemed to test fine. No improvement
3. Bought new complete motor pump set
New pump came wired for 240V instead of 110V (and old one was wired for 240V as well but has worked fine) so changed the wiring on new pump to low voltage configuration.
Installed new pump, it starts (without the loud grinding noise) but still cuts out after a few seconds. The background noise in this video is the main filter pump. After a few seconds the PB4-60 starts, see the short vibration and increase in noise, then cuts out a few seconds later.

Appreciate any advice.
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