Polaris F9550 Sport Issues


Jul 12, 2020
New York
Hey, hope everyone had a nice weekend. Around this time last year, I purchased a Polaris F9550 Sport for my pool which is oval in shape and about 30x18. With the exception of the Lift function and the remote control, the robot itself did a phenomenal job of keeping the bottom of the pool clear and free of debris. I was very pleased with it's performance.

Fast forward a year later (present day) and I start getting an error code 10 on the control panel. Tried to trouble shoot the thing and it worked one other time before I got another error code 10 and one error code 8. Now the thing refuses to work and I can't find too much information online about these things.

Anyone else have this issue with their Polaris? I get things break down and there is wear and tear after time but when you think about it, I've only had the machine for a year and out of that year it was only in operation 4 months.

I'm hoping that this is an anomaly and not something that is the norm. Thoughts/Ideas?
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