Polaris Alpha IQ+ cleaner picks up glass beads in the filter


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Aug 16, 2020
Dallas, Texas
Bought the Polaris Alpha IQ+ robotic cleaner and I love it so far. It picks up leaves and debris quite well. Our pool has colored glass beads as part of it's finish, and I noticed that the cleaner picks up a few glass beads every time it cleans the pool floor/walls. Is this normal? The plaster is intact and the pool still looks great, but the fact that we are losing a few beads with each clean is a little disconcerting. Is it possible that this has been happening even with the normal brush cleans (only soft nylon brushes, no steel bristles) prior to using the Polaris robotic cleaner? The brushes on the Alpha IQ+ do not feel too hard or abrasive to me.

Our pool is about 7 years old. I called our pool builder and they said this is normal and that glass bead finishes do occasionally shed and collect in the pool filters. Any expert advise or opinion is appreciated.

Thank you


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Oct 5, 2007
Valrico, FL
I don't know about glass beads, but I have a PebbleTech finish. For the first year or so, pebbles were coming off. However now none.