Polaris 9400, Blue Diamond, Blue Diamond RC


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Feb 8, 2008
Milford, CT
After borrowing a Polaris 9300 and seeing the disgusting junk it picked off of my "clean" pool, Ive decided its time for a robot.

Now that the 9400 exists, I would go for that from Polaris (Ive read that its better than the 9300), or the Blue Diamond that gets good ratings/reviews here as well. The big deal to me between the two is the warranty, since the Polaris is only 2 years but the BD is 4. So Im leaning towards the BD, but the next question is getting the remote version or not. Its not so much that I want the remote, but Ive read a couple reviews that said the RC version is better because it adds an extra motor which helps keep the cleaner planted (since its heavier) and gives it better control even in automatic mode.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.



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Jul 25, 2013
I'm interested to hear about any reviews of various pool robots, which work well and which hold up. I'd read the 9300's had problems w/ the wheels breaking off a lot. Hopefully this has been fixed. I really like how the Polaris has one huge basket that is easy to remove and clean. The iRobot Mira 530 (I think that's the model) is pretty cool as well, but it has 2 baskets that must be emptied.
I know the Dolphins have that pain in the rear cloth bag that was a total pain to deal with cleaning and installing. So I'm not really interested in that.


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Oct 29, 2007
Amherst, VA

Our setups are similar so my experience with the BD might be useful. In brief, I've been completely satisfied and while my BD occasionally does (almost) backflips after climbing a wall, it gets the whole pool squeaky clean. No slick spots on the vinyl and no rings around the tub :-D . The only spots that seems to require a quick brushing are the steps at the end of the pool.

I do a manual brush and vacuuming at pool opening in the spring, but from that point on, the BD does the trick with a once-a-week cleaning. I clean the surface and the bottom of bugs, leaves, frogs, spiders, etc. with a pole and net. The BD does the rest. I've never felt the need of the remote control...except as something to play with :-D


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Jul 25, 2013
After looking at all videos and written reviews I could find on all the robotic pool cleaners available in the stores around me, I decided to buy a Dolphin Supreme M5. I also talked to the stores around me about repairs. One store told me that it takes them a minimum of 6 weeks to get parts for the Polaris 9300. One big thing that sold me on the Supreme M5 was the 3 year bumper to bumper warranty. For an expensive tool that is going into a corrosive environment, I wanted the longest and best warranty possible. I'm hoping that a product that is strongly supported for 3 years will hold up much longer than that.
The supreme M5 has 2 very easy to clean cartridge filters, 3 scrubbing brushes, a caddy, remote, and so far it's been doing a great job cleaning my pool. It has been picking up D.E. as well, enough to make me wonder if one of the filter grids is leaking it. I also like that you can program it to run in 24-72 hour intervals, so if you go on vacation it can be setup to clean while you are gone. It also has a full filter indicator so you know when they need to be cleaned. I like to clean them after every or every other cleaning just so I'm aware of what is coming out of the pool. The only complaint I have so far is that the cable gets a little twisted up. It has a coupling that is suppoed to spin and keep this from happening, but I don't think it spins freely enough for it to detangle the cord, but really this is a minor issue. I had a Dolphin pool cleaner with my first pool about 6 years ago, and I had to periodically disconnect the cable and twist it around till all the curls were out of the cord. My old one used a cloth bag that was a pain to clean, but it still did a good job cleaning the pool. Never had any problems with it. I sold the house and left it with the pool, so I wonder if it is still working for them.
Anyway, I haven't had it for a full week even so I can't really give a solid review at this point, but so far I am pleased. If anyone reads this post later on and wants an update, feel free to message me and I'll provide an updated review with more detail of pros/cons that I notice.


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Mar 10, 2013
I have had the 9400 in service now for a little under a month and I love it. It cleans up the smallest silt and debris to my amazement. I have a little over a 13K gal pool and set it for an hr and 1/2 and it does a great job. It even has a lift mode when done. I do not keep it in the pool though.