Polaris 9300xi brushes on 9300?


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May 22, 2012
I just ordered a Polaris 9300 but understand the 9300xi can be controlled via a remote and it has a better brushes. I read somewhere else that a 9300 owner was sent a pari of 9300xi brushes by the pool supplies store after he complained the 9300 didn't do a good job cleaning. Since the 9300xi brushes (set of 2) can be ordered for $20-$25 online, I am wondering if anyone has done this. If you have, please let us know if the new brushes work better or not.


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Jun 2, 2010
I have the 9300 sport. Just turned one year old. It does clean pretty good as I really can't complain. The second time I used it I noticed a hole in the blue floating cable that plugs into the controller. I emailed polaris and from the picture I sent them they said it looks like it was chewed. I've never had any critters in my home and it is always stored inside. I don't know if the floating cable is covered under warranty or not put Polaris/Zodiac has not been helpful and I'll never buy their products again du to the response I've gotten from them. I'd accept fault if it was on my end. They have been no help at all and for the price I'm not happy with them.