Polaris 65


Apr 21, 2017
west monroe louisiana
Hello all I just bought a Polaris 65 a week ago and have an issue with it that I think I fixed last night just needing some confirmation on my fix from someone that has had one for sometime. It would only go forwards and backwards and not left or right. I removed from the pool and the Polaris was heavier then normal so I took it to my work bench disassembled and saw some black ants underneath,I then removed the sleeve from the piston and I didn't know it was full of water and it dumped all over me and the work bench. I take it the cylinder should not have had that much water in it and that the "Bleeder Holes" were blocked causing the water not to be able to escape or should the cylinder/piston have that much water in it. After I got it all back together it worked great so I take it that my "Bleeder Holes" were blocked. I didn't know about the "Bleeder Holes" til today and did some research on bench testing the Polaris 65. I bought it to replace the Hayward Diver Dave and I have to say the Polaris runs circles around the Hayward as far as speed goes even with the pressure turned down. I am going to attach this link incase it will help others out..https://premium.zodiacpoolsystems.com/~/media/070017b2e0f14cf897936cda1cb51994.pdf


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Jan 17, 2012
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Thanks for sharing :) Someone someday is going to do a search to find out what's wrong with their Polaris 65/165 and find your comments and they'll be helpful.

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