Polaris 65 and cleaner Woes

Jun 11, 2007
Ok, I have just opened my ABG pool and am in the process of cleaning it.....thanks to the wonderful weather in MN, it hasn't been that worm. My polaris 65 is completely acting up. It will only clean approx. half the pool (almost down the center). Then it ends up coiled and tangled in itself. I tried leaving out the house in the sun (as warm as it gets), but that only partially seemed to help (it ended up coiling it self a while later). It seems to like to turn right a lot. I checked and all jets are getting power and it seems to be working. I suspect it has something to do with that randomizer ball. I moved it from the compartment closest to the in line to the other. It didn't seem to change much. I also tried using a regular old vacuum on it, and it seems to clog up the filter (I backwashed it for 5 minutes and it is fine now). It is brand new sand, and I can't seem to clean it the convential way or the cleaner way. I only have a small filter (50lb) with a 3/4 horse motor. Maybe I have too much pressure to the cleaner...I am just lost.. (I have taken it apart and cleaned it, but it wasn't really dirty). Any help would be appreciated.




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Jul 15, 2007
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You might want to contact Polaris via e-mail on their Website. I had some problems with mine and found their customer service very helpful.