Polaris 380 "Trackie"


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Jan 6, 2014
Dallas, TX
My Polaris 380 does a good job but goes around in clockwise circles spending the vast majority of his time in the deep end.

Is there a way to adjust him so that he takes a less extreme circle and hopefully finds his way into the shallow end more often?



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Jul 16, 2012
Central MD
There is an an adjustment you can make to the thrust jet on the back of the vacuum. It is very similar to my Pentair vacuum. The thrust jet is the ~ 3/4" long nozzle coming out the back with a screw on both sides of it. It you loosen the screws a little, the thrust jet can be swiveled to point in a slightly different direction which then affects the trajectory of the vacuum movement. That said, may vacuum (different brand but the same build concept) seldom gets out of my deep end (it is a steep slope) and often goes in circles. I've never had much luck in getting it to behave the way I want to though the adjustment I mentioned above did usually modify it's behavior to some extent. Hopefully this will have some effect for yours.

If not, sadly, you will bide your time with it until you buy a robot. I bought a robot yesterday. I lasted 4 years with the pressure cleaner - though my pool environment is clean and I have an autocover. Unfortunately, the pressure and suction side vacuums are just yesterday's technology as far as cleaning pools goes, though good to a reasonable extent in the right pools.