Polaris 380 isn't sucking up debris.


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Nov 23, 2018
Forty Worth/tx
My Polaris isn't sucking debris into the bag. I've opened it up and all of thehoses are connected. I read on here, if that doesn't work the nozzles may be clogged. How do i clean the nozzles? If that doesn't work what else can I do?


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Jul 21, 2013
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Polaris 380 manual can be found at http://www.royalswimmingpools.com/Polaris380_manual.pdf Look at page 14 part 28 that is the water management system.

If you have your Polaris 380 apart to that level you should consider doing the Amazon.com : Zodiac 9-100-9010 Factory Tune-Up Replacement Kit : Swimming Pool And Spa Supplies : Garden Outdoor or the Amazon.com : New Polaris Zodiac 9-100-9030 380 Cleaner Factory Rebuild Kit Original 91009030 : Garden Outdoor

Once you get the 380 apart you may find some other parts you need that are not in the kit and you will need to order them separately.