Polaris 380 Cleaner - Booster Pump Question


Jun 8, 2010
Millersville, MD
After being recommended by our Pool Sales rep that we purchase a Polaris 380 cleaner without a booster pump, we were told by the Pool Service company that we need a booster pump. The original sales rep said that the Pentair VS-3050 Pump can handle this cleaner with no problem. We have a dedicated line that is piped from equipment to the wall of pool but the dedicated line is sharing the pump output with the other wall returns. The pump is capable to run at 3450 rpm but is factory set to run at 3110 rpm on the high speed button.

My problem is that we purchased the cleaner while on sale over 30 days ago and we have out of the box waiting for the pool service company to install upon arrival. So no return available for me.

We have not tested it yet because we have been told we cannot vacumn the pool yet but I am trying to see if anyone has successfully using this cleaning unit with a larger pool pump?

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Oct 29, 2009
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I don't know for sure, but I don't believe the 380 requires a booster pump. Or maybe it's the 360? I know there are some polaris pros on here, so hopefully someone more learned than I will post...


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May 7, 2007
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The 380 is designed to be used with a booster pump (all the XX80 models require a booster pump, the XX60 and XX65 models do not require a booster pump).

The IntelliFlo is not able to produce enough pressure to drive most pool cleaners that are designed to use a booster pump. It will work fine with any of several other pool cleaners designed to work without a booster pump, but a 380 is going to need a booster pump.

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