Polaris 360 - Open Heart surgery

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Sep 14, 2019
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The small belt broke earlier this week. I found a helpful YouTube video showing the steps to dismantle the Polaris to change the belt. Astonishingly over 90% of the unit needs to be taken apart. As suggested I ordered a set of ball bearings in case they look worn.

My questions:

1. Any recommendations from your experience to make this operation go smoothly other than watching the YouTube slowly and multiple times?

2. How will I know if the bearings need to be changed? I can post a picture once I get to that point if that helps.

The large belt is still propelling the robot but slowly. I will change that belt as well while I'm in there.

The parts will arrive this week and I hope to start this weekend.



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Jul 21, 2013
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Just keep track of how you take parts out so you know the order to put it back. Taking some pics during disassembly can help you for reference later.

Definitely replace the bearings. Theya re sealed but get corrosion and develop friction.

Once you are in there you should do the complete tune up kit ...

There is also a complete rebuild kit...

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