Polaris 360 not working


New member
Jun 21, 2010
Hi, I'm new to pool care, and just purchased a house with pool and the polaris 360.

It used to work just fine until a few days ago. It seems like the cleaner cannot get to the floor of the pool, it just floats in the water. Even when it gets to the floor, and it just doesn't move. I checked the wheel, it seems to work just fine.

It seems like the back up valve is on all the time, which creates the pressure to keep the cleaner from moving. I know that the back up valve is supposed to be on and off, but how long is it on, cause mine seems to be always on or on for a very long time.


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May 13, 2010
Western Piedmont, NC
Have you checked the filter screen insert? It is inside the hose that connects to your return. If that gets clogged, what you described is what happens to mine.

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