Polaris 360 not working properly


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May 23, 2022
I have a new Polaris 360 that does not require a Booster Pump. The wheels turn at the proper RPM. The backup valve seems to work but it will run down to one end of the pool and stay there. The wheels are still turning and will back up and drop back to the same spot or about the same spot, most times in the deep water. The pool is a liner pool 18 feet by 38 feet.
I had a Polaris with a separate pump that worked fine for many years. The pump went out and the cleaner was worn out, so I purchased this Polaris 360 to save on the booster pump replacement. This cleaner is worthless as it works now getting stuck in one place.

I wonder if by chance the hose is too short for a 38-foot pool and if that would cause it to stop in one place, seems like it should back up and go in a different direction. The other one would climb up the walls this one has never gone up a wall.


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Jan 15, 2021
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Have you stretched out your hose as shown on page 5 of the manual linked in the last post? Does the hose reach within 6” of the furthest pool wall? If not you may need to add another hose section.
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