Polaris 360 issues


May 15, 2007
Long Island, NY
The house that I just purchased came with a pool and a Polaris 360. I threw the little guy in the pool yesterday to help stir up all the silt I have on the bottom (vacuming daily and I still have dirt in there!).
The little guy just seems too lite and the tube connecting it to the return looks like it has more influence on where it goes then the little "directional" tube on the back of it..
Can I add some weight on it to help out?

I have 5 returns, 4 are in the shallow end, 2 in the steps and two pointing towards the deep end. I then have one return on the side of the pool.
Do you think i should be using one of the returns at the shallow end? The tubbing attached to the polaris does not reach all the way to the edge of the deep end if using the shallow end returns. I have been using the one the side, this seems to cause the little guy to hang out in the deep end and on the opposit side of the return its plugged into. I have read mixed reviews about this thing and cannot afford to buy something different so any tricks or recomendations are greatly apreciated.


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Outstretch your line and figure out which one (returns) gives you the most coverage. Do you have the ability to limit or block off some of the other returns. That may help increase the pressure a little to get that thing moving. You have a couple of adjustments on the Polaris itself to help get it level and running straight. One is the white buoy on the back... thread in or out. and the thrust jet to assist in propulsion and keeping the butt end of the unit on its wheels.

Colder climates will definitely affect how pliable the hose is. Please keep that in mind.

One thing I have used, have not seen mentioned yet, is a skiimer sock inside the bag of the polaris. That has helped pick up some of the smaller debris. You just have to be certain to clean out the sock more often. Good Luck.


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Apr 26, 2007
This is my 1st post on the forum and couldn't wait to tell everyone about our latest addition to our pool accessories.

When our pool was completed last September, we purchased the Polaris 360 because we didn't want to have to run a booster pump. The Polaris never could completely clean our 18' x 36' figure 8 vinyl pool. Today we took delivery of a Dirt Devil Tiger Shark QC that I bought on eBay. Even though it's a little pricey, it cleaned the pool more in the initial 3 hour cycle than the Polaris cleaner did during the entire period of use (about a dozen times). This cleaner is definitely worth the extra $$. I could not believe how much debris that the filters collected. Filters are a breeze to clean. Nothing to it, just slip the filters out of the housing and spray them off. THank goodness- no bags to rinse out. What a pain that was!

Pool temp is 84 today just using the solar cover here in coastal NC. We'll be swimming this weekend!