Polaris 280 not moving, pressure valve blowing


Nov 18, 2014
Argyle TX
I have a Polaris 280 that recently stopped moving. The booster pump is working fine. I checked the filter screen and found it quite dirty and even split. I replaced that as well as the backup valve and no change. Next move was to replace the pressure valve, still no change. While I had the cleaner out of the water and the pressure valve removed I tried blowing through the hose and was able to move air through the hose and out of the cleaner so I assumed there is no clogs down line from the reverse valve. Suggestions?



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Jul 21, 2013
Northern NJ
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With the filter clogged and split you probably got debris clogging the Water Management hose internally or the small jets that shoot water up to power it. You need to open it up and check all the water paths are open.
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