plz take a look at my numbers


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May 16, 2008
Burlington, North Carolina
I just ordered a good test kit but until it comes in, I will rely on the pool store's info. My water is clear at the moment but now is the time to make sure everything is good.

FC .2
TC 2.1
CC 1.9
TA 145
PH 8
CH 78 vinyl liner so I think Im ok
CYA 10

I just filled the pool up about a week and a half ago. Ive looked at the pool calculator but Im very much a rookie and I would appreciate any feedback given!

Thanks in advance


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Apr 1, 2007
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Hey, Axl,

It's time to shock your pool and then get some CYA in there.

Using JasonLion's calculator, put in enough Clorox to bring your FC up to about 15ppm....pump running.

Next, bring your CYA (stabilizer,conditioner) up to about 40ppm. Start with 10 lbs (available at Lowe's/HD) and then be prepared to test and add more, depending how much the 10 lbs changes your current level.

You'll need to be able to test FC and CYA again in a few days but that'll get you started for now and keep algae out of your pool.


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May 16, 2008
Burlington, North Carolina
Thanks for the info guys! Im glad I asked for your imput because looking at the Pool Store's info, I would have basically put enough bleach in the pool to get to about 4 intead of shocking to 15. According to the calculator, I am looking about 3 gallons... no biggie there.

Im taking this in slowly about what common chemicals do what etc so Im on the track to lower the PH and raise CYA as well.

And yes, that was me in Graham. (more people have heard of Burlington, NC..and they sit on top of each other so I generally just say Burlington instead of Graham.)

Thanks for the help folks! Im off to Lowes!