Plumbing questions


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Mar 12, 2017
So I've had my eye on this 18' x 33' x 54" pool from poolfactory: Reason: Seams like the lowest price salt water capable pool that I can semi bury apx 27". If anyone has a different suggestion/recommendation then please let me know.

Question #1: The pool specs don't say how many drains/returns it has. Unless I wasn't able to find it, I'm assuming 1 drain (skimmer) and just 1 return. I've been reading here at TFP that so many pool owners have more than 1 drain and more than 1 return. Is this a pool manufacture count or do all/most pools only have 1 of each and the installer chooses to increase this? Is it just as simple as putting in a Y connector in the return line to split a return into 2 ?

I have not picked out my pump/filter but will most likely be going with a 1.5hp 2 speed pump & sand filter. I'm also interested in a SWG and doing 2" pvc piping and buying the piping and locating the pad apx 25-30' from the skimmer.

Question #2: I have never installed an in ground pool before. Can I choose to put the return anywhere or is the return hole already cut out of the side walls? I want to locate the skimmer in the NW corner of the pool and put the return in the SE corner of the pool to promote water circulation.

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May 12, 2012
Cincinnati, OH
Much of what you are interested determining related to included drain/skimmer/returns is listed in the installation instructions of prefab pool kits. I am sure the seller can discuss additional plumbing questions with you. Sorry I don't have the expertise on above ground kits to help you further.