Plumbing for an inground pool with no built-in holes (inlet, skimmer, drain)


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Aug 29, 2021
I have a swimming pool which works with an all-in-one pump/skimmer/filter/ladder which is housed in a hole next to the pool with the half with the ladder, skimmer and inlet pipe hanging into the pool. I can't even find out what such a contraption is called. It's over ten years old but still works. It's an old version of this:

There's a crack along the width of the pool with water going into the hole which houses the pump part of this contraption and while fixing it I found that the water and chlorine has damaged the concrete between the pool and the hole, so I'm now removing a lot of it an going to replace it all with fresh concrete. As a part of this job I want to fill in the hole and set up a more modern pump/filtration system.

I can't work out what's the best way for me to do this. I can think of 2 options:

1. Having pipes going into the pool externally as seen here: Installing a new skimmer in existing in ground pool.
2. Taking advantage of the fact that I have the hole (about 1 foot deep) which housed the pump which I'm about to cut through to the pool to replace the concrete and insert a skimmer and an inlet pipe there. The inlet and pipe would be right next to each other which might not be ideal, but that's how it worked with the all-in-one system.

I don't have the skills or the tools to do anything much more than that.

The pool is only 11 x 16 x 6 feet in size.

I would be grateful for any advice. I don't want to buy a replacement all-in-one pump/filter/skimmer/ladder.
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