Please help vet my Stenner plans


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May 8, 2020
Dardenne Prairie, MO
I love TFP. But manually adding liquid everyday? Not so much. I have the idea to use the Stenner Econ T pump with a timer and would like opinions of concerns I may not have considered.

My pump is a single speed Doughboy with a built in timer. I have been monitoring, and it is extremely reliable and accurate with its start and end times so far.

My thought is to simply program the Stenner to dose enough daily chlorine during the 8 hr window that the pump runs. It seems simple, but I would have no safety guard if the pump somehow was not running. The Stenner would still pump chlorine into the line.

My thought is to pump into the vertical return line. That way if the pump was off for some reason, the liquid would just settle in the line until the pump started. That wouldn’t be very good if it happened for several days, but it doesn’t seem like a big deal if for a few hours.

Does this seem risky?

And yes I know the ionizer is useless. It is off. I just use it to get a temp reading until I get around to removing it from the plumbing.



Jun 5, 2016
Ontario, Canada

I too was considering your approach. I did research a autofeed for chlorine for a Stenner auto-chemical add. I came to the conclusion that it was not worth the investments since the units up here in Canada are expensive, not very common, and not that much cheaper than going a SWG. My research has been that if you want low maintenance (at least with adding chlorine) people typically go with a SWG. That said, it is more expensive than lugging liquid chlorine and, to me, not really a good investment. Up here in Canada many people seem to only get 6-8 years out of a cell tops and then another $8-1200 flush. I struggle with that LOL.

I just use chlorine and have an off-line chlorinator to add trichlor tabs when first starting the pool (to add CYA) as well as if I am on vacation for a week or so. Found the floating chorinators always get stuck in my filter LOL. I've resorted to the K.I.S.S. principle - buy only high quality equipment and avoid adding items and equipment that increase failure points. Only I can fail by not putting it in every night LOL with my present solution. I guess you could install the Stenner but I believe that you mentioned that there is no "fail safe" if the pump is not running - thus you could add a check valve before the Stenner to protect your equipment and/or potentially wire it into the timer...but I suspect when the timer goes off then your programming goes poof LOL...could be wrong!

My .02.

Good luck!