Please Help Troubleshoot Light Problem


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Apr 19, 2010
We recently had a pool build completed, and we're having trouble with our lights, and wondering if it could be because of different equipment manufacturers. Our lights are Hayward Aqualogic, and our control panel is Pentair Easy Touch. Unfortunately, our lights don't sync up. If one is pink the other us blue. If one is white the other is blue, etc. They were synced up for a minute, but when we go to change the light pattern they end up not synced again. Is this because the Easy Touch is not made to control Hayward lights? We have a final installment due to the builder, and I'm seriously considering holding off until this issue has been corrected. And, if we need a different control system, should it be the builder who takes the hit on this?


Yes, hold off on the payment until you have resolution. But I would think that it should work. Someone will be by shortly to help!!! Yes, the builder should tke the hit on this if it doesn't!


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Dec 3, 2009
Central Massachusetts
I have a Hayward Colorlogic light set up on the Easytouch. It works fine, but it's only one light. To change patterns and/or colors, you have to turn off the circuit, and then turn it back on again for it to go to the next program. Is this how yours works?

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