Please help--newbie here and need help with next steps


Sep 7, 2020
Kinder, LA
I have just purchased my TF-100 kit and did all the tests. Numbers were not bad. But there is something still not ridding my pool from algae sinking back to the bottom after brushing, vacuuming, backwashing, etc. We've been doing this for about a week. The water is CRYSTAL CLEAR!!! But there is some algae that I cannot rid of at the bottom of the pool. I tested the chlorine again this morning:

FC- 18.5
C- 1

The algae seems a little yellow in color so not sure if it is mustard algae. What is your advice? How do I get the algae out? Do I worry whether or not it is mustard algae or not? Do these chlorine numbers seem ok?

Thank you all!!!!