Please help me identify these holes in my pool deck

Chairman Meow

Jun 22, 2015
I have these two holes in my pool deck:

here is a close up of one hole:

Inline with these holes are two jets in my pool that have never worked in the three + years we've lived in our house:

Yesterday I had to replace a broken 3-way Jandy valve on the pool. Because the pipes were mislabeled at some point, I had some trouble when I put everything back together. In my panic to stop the water that was gushing from underneath my filter housing lid, I grabbed the wrong valve handle (not the one I had just fixed) and turned it. When I did, I suddenly had water shooting out from these two holes on my deck.

Once I got everything fixed and flowing in the right order, I decided that now I want to tackle these two holes and the corresponding non-working jets. Can anyone help?

Thank you


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Dec 8, 2013
Is it possible that there could have been a water feature there in the past? Otherwise could be air intakes for those jets but since you get large amounts of water out of them, I'm leaning more towards old water feature site...


Mar 4, 2013
Avondale AZ
Is it possible they are just what they are? Water spouts? Do the round cups swivel to point over the pool or on to the deck? Could be a feature for effect, not function. I have seen similiar in other pools, just not that close to the edge.

Chairman Meow

Jun 22, 2015
Guess I should have removed that broken jet before I took the picture. The round cup on the ground was on the right hand side return in the water. But it was broken so I removed it and put it on the deck, and hadn't thrown it away yet.

I guess anything is possible - there is a non-working waterfall on the other end of the pool...

I plugged the holes with some rubber plugs just now and opened the valve again. While the plugs weren't a perfect fit and some water does still leak onto the deck, the jets are spitting out some water now.

I'm a total novice at home repair - but pretty hand with directions - is there anything (a foam or epoxy or something) that I could fill these holes with permanently so that instead of getting water on my deck I get it through the jets?

Thanks again for all your help!


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Aug 10, 2012
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Those are venturi jets that suck in air through the holes when they are working correctly.