Please Help me Have stain? pool store got me in this mess

May 19, 2012
Have yellow stains on steps and around vinyl liner. pool 18x36 20000 gal. inground. I put vitamin c tablet on step cleared stain off step. What do I need to do now? This is my test results: TDS 400, Total chlorine 8, Free Chlorine 8, PH <6.2, Total alkalinity 10, Adjust alk. 0,Total Hardness 120.
Help what to do? I'm newbiee just found site so simple terms thanks.


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Sep 7, 2007
Re: Please Help me Have stain? pool store got me in this mes

Welcome! :wave:

I had stains when I opened this season too. Pretty frustrating, but pretty easy fix. Agree with Butterfly that your PH and TA need adjusting first, and sooner the better. That can be accomplished with soda ash (read and retread pool school). Don't add any more chlorine, as it needs be close to zero when you do the actual stain treatment. In the meantime, order some ascorbic acid online. By the time it arrives, the chlorine should be low enough to start.

The link above on metals and stains has step by step instructions. Also, here's my thread on my attempt to remove metals:

Good luck!