Please help, line leak. Cannot locate line off jet? Buried in concrete pool wall?


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Jul 18, 2020
North Shore MA
Would truly appreciate some help and advice here. Please!!!

We had an initial pool leak and had it repaired, it was an elbow to an old black poly line. A week later we noticed another leak. Company came out again and this time told us it was under the concrete deck. After having a concrete company cut a 2' by 2' hole, we dug and dug and could not locate the line We dug about 4' down past jet line. We then had a hole in the deck that we paid for! We decided it was best to replace the line entirely since the second leak could not be located.

This morning concrete company cut a path from my pool jet to the pump, so pool guy could come in and run his new pvc line. When we started digging by the jet, we could not locate the line!!! Instead hit a wall of white concrete??? Could it be possible the line was buried when pool was being built and buried in pool wall!!! What do we do now??? Concrete deck open, do we go in from the pool and drill jet from within in order to get thru the wall? Is it possible the poly lines were buried in cement back in the 70s??? Please help. SO UPSET!



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Jul 21, 2013
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I would go back from where you hit the " wall of white concrete" until you can get down the side of it to the level of the return. You might then need to follow the side of the concrete until you fid where the pipe exits the shell. The builder may have angled the pipe so it didn't come straight back from the shell.

Yeah, it is going to require more breaking of the deck.
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