Please help I’m concerned


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Jun 3, 2020
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A pool guy told me that this particular store has the most high tech pool water tester around. I took a sample their and they had these results
Fc- 1.37
Hardness- 125
Everything else was considered ok so I didn’t list. But they wanted me to buy shock and ph down and and calcium increaser which was expensive stuff.
Here’s my results from the tf-100
This has me thinking a lot. First off the ph test I use is always inconclusive. I can’t tell the color to anything on my chart. I’m referring to the taylor drop test kit that came with my tf-100. So I’ll assume that could possibly be true ( their analysis) . But my tf-100 numbers for cc are always as follows. After I add the 5 drops of R-0003 it turns the slightest pink. Than 1 drop R-0871 always makes it crystal cleAr again . But their analysis says my cc at 0.49 is too high. Why is my cc so high ? Am I overthinking this ? Also according to my calcium hardness test I’m fine but they wanted to sell me alot of stuff to fix that.
What’s your guys opinion on all this . My brain is spinning


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Apr 4, 2007
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Ignore all pool store tests. Add an extra drop or two to your pH test to make it easier to match. You are just trying to match the redness/yellowness, not the exact shade.


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Jun 2, 2009
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The difference in CC (0.49 vs 0.5) is within margin of error for any test ... don't sweat it. A CC of 0.5 is the lowest indication you can even read.; Bring your FC up a bit for a couple days and the CC will disappear.
If you've got a vinyl liner in your AG pool, I wouldn't worry too much about the calcium either.

I struggle with telling the pH with the color tests. You may want to consider a pH probe. You can get a decent one for ~$75... jtakes the guesswork out of it.
Overall, I'd say you're doing good.



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I got a nice little pH meter from Amazon for $12.99
Just make sure to get a couple of 250 ml plastic bottles to make up the 6.86 and 9.something standards so you can calibrate it. USE DISTILLED WATER FOR THE STANDARDS! Do your calibration once a month, keep the electrode clean, and you're in business.

What's your CYA? How are you chlorinating? Your FC is pretty low. Use the FC/CYA Chart to figure out what your FC should be based on your CYA, and do your best to keep it in that range.


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Jul 17, 2019
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Do you follow the FC/CYA chart (see my signature if you need)?

A FC of 2.5 is either flirting with the minimum FC or below the minimum depending on your CYA. Bump up your FC and I bet your CC goes away.
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